This session with Jireh and Beanie was so beautiful, and so special. I'm sure that Jireh and Bénie are happy about this session as well considering it was their ENGAGEMENT!

Jireh surprised Bénie by popping the question on Humber Bay Arch Bridge in Toronto. If you haven't been there, I definitely suggest it! When standing on the bridge you see the Toronto skyline on the water, not to mention that this bridge has a beautiful boardwalk on the water that leads right up to it!

Now let me tell you something about Jireh and Bénie. I've known Jireh since I started University 4 years ago. We took A LOT of Starbucks trips together, because who doesn't like those, right? Two days ago he called me and asked, "Hey, want a job?", and then he proceeded to tell me that he was proposing to Bénie the next day! After we figured out what we could do because it was supposed to rain, we figured that the morning would be best. Now Bénie I know from youth group when we were in high school. Although we didn't speak much, she really stood out to me as a woman of character and confidence! So now that these two are engaged I am SO EXCITED!

Keep scrolling to see what their engagement was like!

Although I almost got hit by bicyclists on multiple occasions during this shoot, I survived and it was amazing! I am so grateful that I got to capture this beautiful occasion for Jireh and Bénie!