A Picnic in the Park

Alexis, James, and I have been speaking to each other about an engagement session since February. Since COVID made its impact on the world, we have had to put off this session for quite some time! So, when we were able to officially set a date for the engagement session, I told Alexis, "How nice would it be to make this session a date night for you both?!" So Alexis and James brought a charcuterie board, picnic blanket, chess set, and I brought some candles and a bottle of bubbly!

Needless to say, this warm, sunset shoot was so gorgeous!

Alexis and James began their date night off with a picnic under an Oak Tree in front of Dundurn Castle, Hamilton. They just talked, laughed, drank some bubbly, and enjoyed each other's company!

I loved the details on the picnic blanket they both brought, and it really added character to this part of our session!

After the picnic portion of our shoot, we went for a walk around Dundurn Castle, the field with trees, and a beautiful arch! Honestly, if you are trying to figure out where to do shoots in Hamilton, Dundurn Castle is a must! It has so much diversity for photos, and all of it is SO BEAUTIFUL!

All in all, Alexis and James had such a beautiful engagement session filled with sun, smiles, and joy. If you are a couple who have had to put their engagement session on hold, make a date out of it! Go out to dinner first, have a picnic, go to your favourite ice cream shop afterwards! During these crazy times it is most certainly still possible to create special moments with your loved ones!