One bright, sunny day, I found a fun use for my bubblegum pink backdrop - photos of my sweet niece, Adelaide! She played with my Polaroid camera, her toys, and even ate some ice cream during this fun little session (anything to keep her in one place!) I had so much fun working on these photos, and I was so filled with joy being able to just see her smiling little face!

My Interesting Set Up...

Now, let me tell you, setting up this backdrop was no walk in the park! Since my house has generally more dark woods, I don't get as much light bouncing off of surfaces to help with photos. So, what I did to get this look was quite interesting! I moved some items around in the front hall, squished in the backdrop stand with the pink paper, and opened up the front door fully to get in some natural light - it's good thing it was warm & sunny that day!

Keeping them Busy

Keeping a child busy during a shoot can be difficult to say the least. They're always moving, always interested in SOMETHING, and that something is usually not the camera! This backdrop was only FOUR FEET WIDE, so that means I had to keep her busy, engaged, and interested all within a 4 foot radius! Here are some ideas that you can use to keep a child busy for your photography session!


Letting them play doesn't only get them interested in something that could very well keep them in one place, it ALSO gives you the opportunity to capture some sweet little candids of them playing! Although there was no film in this camera, Addie thought it was the funnest thing to click the button and see the flash!


When a child plays with toys and their imagination starts moving, and that can keep them busy for quite some time! Find toys that they can play with in one spot - lego, barbies, hot wheels, etc. This way, they have a higher chance of sitting still, and they're still a happy camper!


You'd be lying if you said this didn't cross your mind! Chocolate, ice-cream, whatever your child likes - bring some with you to the shoot! Psychology studies have shown time and time again that people respond more to positive rewards than anything else - so you really can't go wrong with it!

(Along with these tips, make sure you're ALWAYS interacting with them, talking to them, and try to get them to see your face instead of the camera as much as possible - I focus the camera on their face, then move my head beside the camera so I can engage with them more)

I hope you enjoyed the sweetness that is miss Adelaide! She is a true gift from God, and our family is so thankful!